Cats simply can't resist

Cardboard entices cats thanks to its structure, wooden origin and the feel of warmth. It is multifunctional – as a scratcher, cozy bed or a hideout for all the cativities. It also purrfectly stimulates the claw stretching and fits in every household at the same time as a designer piece of art.

Our scratchers are made by hand with special care put into every single one of them. We buy only Czech made cardboard with health-harmless and FSC certificates. When manufacturing, we use exclusively special safe glue determined for food industry. Your cats will love our scratchers and houses and what’s more, they will last for a long time. Because we use only top quality materials, we can guarantee you months and months of scratching, tested by our own cats. Most scratchers also withstand more than 100 kg load thanks to their durability so you can use them as a fancy stool or a seat.