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cats + cardboard = never ending love

We’ve all been in this situation, right? Package you ordered days ago finally arrives, you start unboxing it but before you know it your cat is inside the box. Although you love her more than anything, it certainly wasn’t part of the order. Cats simply love cardboard. Particulalry the quality one, that is long-lasting, durable, ecological and harmless to health. We use this exact cardboard for our scratchers and houses.

We use only Czech-made FSC certified cardboard for our handmade products crafted in the Czech Republic. As a manufacturer we can guarantee top-quality products made with love for your four-legged furriends.

An Old Czech Saying Goes:

,,Give your cat a treat and it will be grateful for one hour, give it a cardboard scratcher and it will be grateful for life"

All in One

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Our scratchers are multifunctional - bed, scratching post, hideout and a playground.

Ergonomic shape design based on our own experience with cats.

100% Catproof

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Made exclusively from top-quality Czech cardboard.

Our products are constantly under quality control.


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Our products will last for a long time thanks to quality material and handmade production.

No matter who is using it - a small abyssinian or a lion.

Born and Raised in CZ

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Ideas, technology, manufacturing, design - We do it all

No outsorcing, everything is made in our workshop.