Cat House Basic Black Butterflies

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5 module set is a regular two-story house. Let’s face it, your cat is living better than you already, why not go one step further? With our Cat House, you are granting your cat shelter and a playground. Module dimensions 27x27x27 cm.

  • width: 54 cm
  • height: 54 cm
  • depth: 54 cm

Cat House Basic Black Butterflies

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Cardboard entices cats thanks to its structure, wooden origin and giving the feel of warmth. It is multifunctional – as a scratcher, cozy bed or a hideout for all the cativities. It also purrfectly stimulates the claw stretching and fits in every household at the same time as a designer piece of art.

  • 100% Czech product
  • Ecological, FSC certificate
  • Health-harmless, special food industry safe glue
  • Original technology and design
  • Our own production


Modular cat house just how your cat wants it. We have invented simple modular system which comes with infinite possibilities of assembly.

Our house is the only one that is made of 5 layered cardboard for better durability and stiffness which withstands an attack of big breeds like Maine Coon with no problem. Unique joint system joins all the modules together with no extra glue, everything is made only of cardboard itself.

Cat houses are available in predefined sets or as a single module for expanding your little cat strongholds.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 54 cm


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